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Lake Como Passelacqua
Breathtaking views of the Lake and the surrounding mountains...
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Greek Islands
Santorini is the crown jewel of the Cyclades Islands...
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Cycling, touring, markets, historical landmarks, trekking, traditional villages...
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Club Med Japan Tomamu
A compelling mix of adventure, culture and relaxation...
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Antarctica and the Arctic
Experience First-Hand The Magic Of This Untouched Piece Of The Planet...
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Sydney's Best Travel Agents:

Your Adventure Starts Now

Crafting Your Personalised Journey: Tailored Just for You. Discover inspiration within our curated selection of popular travel experiences. Allow Sydney’s finest travel experts to design your next unforgettable adventure.

Explore Madrid’s Rich Museum Culture in Spain

Why Visit? A Tapestry of Culture and Nature Spain beckons…

France Paris Louvre Adventures

Why Visit? A Tapestry of Culture and Natural Beauty France…

Le Bristol Paris: Luxury Shopping & Elegance

Why Visit? Elegance and History at Le Bristol Paris A…

Cheval Blanc Paris: Seine Luxury Hotels

Why Visit? A Riverside Sanctuary in the Heart of Paris…
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Explore Israel’s History

Why Visit? A Crossroads of Cultures and Religions Israel stands…

Expert Japan Ski Holidays

Why Visit? When the allure of pristine slopes and the…

Four Seasons Hawaii Holidays

Discover Unparalleled Luxury and Adventure in Hawaii Why Visit? A…

Venice Art Journeys

Why Visit? The Ultimate Blend of Luxury, Comfort, and Authenticity…
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Discover Europe with Sydney's Best Travel Agents

European Travel Experiences

Europe is a living museum of ancient ruins, medieval castles, delectable food and the best shopping.  Immerse yourself in vibrant Carnival celebrations in Venice, flamenco dances in Spain, the turquoise waters of Greece or the pageantry of London.

Luxury travellers can indulge in Michelin-starred restaurants, opulent hotels and cool beach clubs.  For the adventurers there is hiking in Switzerland, skiing in France or yachting in Mallorca.

Europe caters to diverse travel styles and budgets. Ultimately the attraction of Europe is that it offers something for everyone whether you are seeking cultural immersion, historical exploration,  culinary delights or simply a relaxing escape. Explore Europe’s finest with the guidance of Sydney’s top travel agents. Our premium services are designed to offer you an unparalleled, personalised travel experience.

Best of Luxury Travel with Sydney's Finest:

Extraordinary Travel Experiences

Sydney’s elite travel agents at Rose Bay Travel boast global connections with the best luxury travel providers, ensuring our clients exclusive access to premium amenities like room upgrades, free breakfasts, early check-ins, late check-outs, and valuable hotel credits. Discover the luxury travel providers that help us set the standard for premium travel experiences.:

Exclusive Retreat Experiences

Luxury Accommodation Experiences

Global Nautical Voyages

Exclusive Wildlife Experiences