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Kiroro Grand Skiing Trips

Why Visit?

A Fusion of Adventure and Serenity
Club Med Tomamu is a unique destination that harmonizes thrilling adventures with cultural immersion and relaxation. Nestled on the slopes of Tomamu Mountain, this resort offers a winter wonderland with over 145 hectares of skiable terrain, celebrated for its powdery snow, and transforms into a lush paradise for outdoor activities in the summer.

  • Diverse seasonal activities
  • Pristine skiable terrain
  • Cultural immersion in a serene setting

All-Inclusive Luxury for Families
The convenience of Club Med’s all-inclusive package is unparalleled, covering meals, drinks, activities, and childcare. This resort caters to families seeking a hassle-free holiday, offering kids’ clubs and ski schools that ensure fun and engagement for the little ones, while adults relish their own adventures or tranquil moments of relaxation.

  • Hassle-free all-inclusive packages
  • Comprehensive childcare and entertainment options
  • Tailored activities for adults and children

What to See?

Mesmerizing Natural Beauty and Artistic Ice Structures
Tomamu mountain’s breathtaking landscapes serve as a backdrop for a variety of seasonal experiences. The Ice Village, a magical winter spectacle with igloos and ice sculptures, offers a unique exploration opportunity, while the verdant summer scenery provides the perfect setting for hiking and biking adventures.

  • The enchanting Ice Village
  • Seasonal natural landscapes
  • Architectural ice marvels

Cultural Richness and Culinary Delights
Immerse yourself in the charm of Japanese culture with traditional activities such as origami, calligraphy, and sake tasting. Culinary enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to learn the art of sushi making and explore Japanese delicacies through cooking classes, complemented by the soothing experience of an onsen indulgence.

  • Traditional Japanese cultural activities
  • Culinary adventures with Japanese cuisine
  • Relaxing onsen experiences

What to Do?

Embrace Outdoor Activities and Cultural Workshops
Whether carving down the snowy slopes in winter or traversing the mountain trails in summer, Club Med Tomamu offers an array of outdoor activities. Engage in cultural workshops to deepen your understanding of Japanese traditions, from sushi making to calligraphy, enriching your holiday with memorable experiences.

  • Skiing and snowboarding on powdery slopes
  • Hiking and biking in lush landscapes
  • Cultural workshops and experiences

Indulge in Culinary Exploration and Relaxation
Dive into the culinary world of Japan with hands-on cooking classes, and after a day of adventure, unwind in the tranquil waters of a traditional onsen. The resort’s all-inclusive package ensures that every aspect of your stay is catered to, allowing for a truly indulgent escape.

  • Japanese cooking classes
  • Tranquil onsen relaxation
  • All-inclusive indulgence and convenience

Call to Action

Discover the Magic of Club Med Tomamu
Embark on a journey to Club Med Tomamu, where adventure meets culture and relaxation. From the exhilarating slopes of Tomamu Mountain to the soothing warmth of an onsen, this all-inclusive resort promises an unforgettable escape for families and explorers alike. Book your stay and immerse yourself in the beauty and cultural richness of Japan with Club Med.

  • Book your adventure-filled stay at Club Med Tomamu
  • Experience the blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation
  • Create unforgettable memories in the heart of Japan

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Adventure, culture and relaxation

Kiroro boasts some of the finest powder snow in Japan ensuring unforgettable runs and exhilirating experiences in its long ski season from December to May. Go beyond the slopes and discover the rich heritage of the Hokkaido area with its indigenous Ainu culture. Families with children of all ages find endless entertainment at Kiroro Grand. It is one of 2 Club Med resorts at Kiroro -Kiroro Grand being best for young children and Kiroro Peak for older children and teens.