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Rose Bay Travel offer a sparkling selection of Antarctic cruises and adventures – catering to peaceful iceberg dreamers through to thrill-hunters and polar bear seekers.

Cast your imagination to a frozen wonderland – an other-worldly, spectral and incomparable terrain. A place steeped in magic, untouchable mystique and an abundance of wildlife so incredible it’ll blow your mind.

Antarctica… the Seventh Continent

Fancy joining one of our life-changing Antarctica tours? Think aquamarine to emerald greens, and cool greys atop a full spectrum of blues ranging from powder to the brightest azure, as an immense iceberg passes you.

Visualise this, back-dropped by a burnt orange sky so rich in its colour that you want to reach out and feel it on your fingertips.

And then there’s the Aurora Australis – the southern hemisphere’s equivalent of the Aurora borealis. Observed in the summer months; it decorates the night sky with a glittering display of unfathomable natural beauty.

Then there’s the wildlife! Best known creatures from the southern continent include a myriad of penguins species, seals in abundance, whales of the Blue, Sperm, Killer, Humpback, Mink varieties; immense albatrosses, and a plethora other seabirds. Not to mention the krill; the unsung hero of the story – food for the masses!

Antarctic adventure packages

Alongside immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery and weird and wondrous locals; there’s a host of activities in which to absorb yourself.

Think flying above this stunning frozen landscape for astonishing aerial views, or imagine crossing the Arctic circle on foot! Or enjoying a cosy cabin safari. There are a myriad of possibilities!

The Ultimate Antarctic experience

As a luxury travel agent, we offer an incredible “do it all” Antarctic adventure. Not only will you cross the Antarctic Circle and travel farther south than the usual Antarctic cruises, but you’ll also tour the wilderness wildlife playgrounds of the Falklands and South Georgia.

This journey caters for the type of person who wants it ALL! With a wide diversity of landscapes, unparalleled wildlife viewing opportunities a lively mix of historic landing sites topped by opulent travel conditions, there’s not a moment that won’t take your breath away.

Family Escapades

For a more family orientated adventure, we offer the Glaciers of Baffin Island, to experience the majestic Canadian Arctic on this genuinely unique land-based trip. This trip is the perfect opportunity for budding photographers and wildlife fanatics to enjoy the rare wildlife sightings of the Arctic wilderness!

Encounter the endless and wonderfully mild days of Arctic summer. Experience the exceptional beauty Baffin Island and Auyuittuq National Park’s glacier-capped coastline.

For those touched by the spirit of wanderlust, Antarctica remains the outermost edge of human exploration and calls to the pioneers and adventure seekers! Sir David Attenborough said it so well;

“At a time when thirty people can stand on the top of Everest in one day, Antarctica remains a remote, lonely and desolate continent. A place where it’s possible to see the splendours and immensities of the natural world at its most dramatic and, what’s more, witness them almost exactly as they were, long, long before human beings ever arrived on the surface of this planet. Long may it remain so”.

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